Dear Jim

23 Aug

Dear Jim,

Life got too much so I peaced out and went fishing for a while. I feel like you’d appreciate my logic. Mackarel is delicious, just to let you know. Cod is nice as well.

Was antsy to get home a few days ago but when I went to do anything about it, I ended up booking a ticket (one way) to Mexico and deciding to let the cards fall where they may. I miss Frank something awful but I feel like you and he will understand. I’m going on another walkabout. I’ll come back better and the person I and you and he like me to be. 

The ocean is lovely and fog and rain and waves and storms and humidity can’t beat me. I grow stronger.

I had squash last night and thought of you and your lovely garden and your lovely Elisa (best cook in the world) and I smiled in my heart. I miss you, buddy, but I’m doing it. I’m going to keep on.

I wish you could write back, I wish I could hear your voice, but is it crazy that I do hear your voice and know what you would likely write and that is enough for me these days? I think I’m coming to terms.

Until the day, 

Your Lins, avid fisherperson and wandering soul

The Diarama

17 Aug


As of yet, no one has claimed the stup-a-saurus diarama. I’m ok just knowing it exists.🙂

A Good Day is Hard to Find

16 Aug

My favorite mackarel. 

Mackarel like morning

8 Aug

​Dear Jim, 
This morning, on my first cast, I caught a beautiful and delicious looking mackarel. You’d approve of this life I think. 
Miss you buddy,


Little Wing

5 Aug

​Butterflies and sea birds and moon beams and fairy tales, that’s all she ever thinks about.
Riding with the wind.

Great Balls of Fire

11 Jul

Last night i sat in the patio chairs talking with some friends through the fog when the sky lit up in a few brief flashes. It looked like a tiny orb of light that lit then faded, followed by two more almost immediately. It was high enough that I suppose it could’ve been fireworks from a boat, looking odd behind the cloud. Or maybe something way off on shore? Who knows. 

All I know is I saw balls of light in the sky and it brought me a tiny moment of excitement and joy. It’s the simple things.

Feeling the Burn

6 Jul

Thursday I was free until 4pm. It was lovely. I filled up the backpack with water and snacks and a fishing pole and romped the island for hours. I like learning more about the flora and fauna around me, but honestly what interests me the most is the geography. Such a steep rock in the deep ocean atop of which is an entire little habitat. It’s beautiful.

Anyhow, I ended the romp at my favorite rock and had a gummy bears and cheese picnic before heading in to work. I didn’t realize I had sweated off all my sunscreen.

And now I join the lobsters in this lobsterland. 

When in Rome…


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