It begins

19 Sep

I have been meaning to set up a blog for a while. Apparently, I have too much to say and not enough listeners. Hopefully, this will sooth my constant desire to tell the world my dealings.

A little bit about me:

I like pretty shoes, dressing ‘loudly’, behaving ‘loudly’, and music. Lots of it, in many different forms. I have a habit of going out to public places (mostly bars and restaurants) and listening in to the surrounding conversations. Then I post what I hear. It can be fun.

This, I think, shall be an update to my readers of the constant goings-on of my disaster of a personal life. I mean, none of us really has it together, and most of the time that is the most entertaining part of life. We could all take things a little less seriously. And be sexier. People could always be a little sexier, and that would suit me just fine.

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