White Girl Problems

20 May

As we waited for the signal to walk, a particularly angry looking man stalked up to us with far too much purpose.  We all braced ourselves.  Sure enough, his opening statement was, “I mean this with no disrespect, but FUCK YOU. FUCK WHITE PEOPLE.”

Eh, boy.  I stepped behind my three dude friends and put my comic books in my bag.

He continued being appalled at us for being white, bringing the Bible onto Indian land, for treating him like shit his whole life, and for just being big assholes in general.  It got particularly nasty when he got in one of our faces’ (ironically enough one of us who isn’t white) and kept repeating “Fuck you, fuck you, in the name of Jesus Christ, fuck you.”  When my friend replied that he was an atheist so the guy wouldn’t enjoy his company in Hell, I pulled out my phone.  Nothing like a Sunday afternoon post-brunch confrontation to really make you feel like a wimpy white girl.

I decided to live the stereotype.

Bringing the Bible onto Indian land?…  Nope, I don’t recall ever doing that but I did do something fairly annoying.

You know what white people do, sir?  We call the cops.  Enjoy your afternoon in jail.

…and yea… white people generally do suck.


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