Minus the Rose

25 May

This last week has been a chore, let me tell you.  A friend of mine disappeared to Europe for a few weeks, leaving the rest of us here to fend for ourselves.  What did I do? Well, let’s see…

I definitely shaved off the rest of my hair- well on one side.  Its half mullet/ half pixie cut- and quite sexy if I do say so myself.  Dyed it a pinkish orange with black streaks- I’m an interesting looking little tiger these days.

I then beat my own record for cheeseburger consumption over a single weekend (including a 5a.m. cheeseburger after Saturday night shenanigans).

I figured out how to dye my cat’s paws pink with food coloring (its like Easter!).

I read a record number of comics while waiting to have my photo taken with my crazy new La Roux swirled hair.

I ate 13 chocolate Dove eggs.

Watched “William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet” (1997) 2.75 times.

Made 3 different kinds of cornbread- didn’t eat them.  Just stared at them.

I got blisters on seven of my toes from my private dining room Modest Mouse and Gorillaz dance party.

Finished up getting all of my data entry paper work caught up, helped an elderly woman move, and babysat.  Three things I NEVER would’ve done had I any other option for entertainment.

Drank enough coffee to have me swear off caffeine for a month (we’ll see how well that vow holds) and discovered a newfound love for orange soda…

All in all I would say that I am one sad little kitten when my friends are away.  I made some new travel plans, ran up my phone bill, and attempted to program my alarm clock…

Sigh. And I still have weeks to wait…

Don’t get me wrong, I have my fun and I don’t need any help with that, I just grow attached to people sometimes.  And miss them in their absence.

I guess I am not a robot after all, or at least a very ‘Lousy Robot‘.  Excellent.

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