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Sadness Is Absence

16 Jun

I can not really say why I do it, but lately I have been scheduling away all of my spare time.  It might’ve started with my friends finding jobs and becoming too busy to  drink all day and watch Batman two to three times a week with me.  It might’ve been the break between the kickball seasons.  Or, I might’ve simply just needed to keep myself busy and pay my bills instead of act like a lunatic and watch Danny DeVito portray the Penguin on a weekly basis.

Anyhow, since I have been so busy lately I have come to be one of those people who panics about their free time and the ways and which they will spend it.  Me no likey.  Today I took my first day off in forever to go to Metro Court for parking tickets and then spend the afternoon in MVD waiting for a new license.  No bueno!  I have come to confuse what I could be doing with what I should be doing.

So… this evening- on my day off- I am ignoring all phone calls, sipping Tecates, and heading off to the first kickball game of the summer season.

Go Team Taco!

The Sky is Crying Ashes

9 Jun

With a giant wildfire raging un-contained in Arizona, the sky above Albuquerque lately has been yellow.  Eery, haunted, orangish yellow.  At night our moon glows neon above the mountains and desert.  Just before dusk, at around seven or so, the smoke rolls through in big yellow clouds, coating everything in a fine layer of ash.  Stepping outside, we inhale the cremated remains of a forest we probably never got to see.  The smoke chokes the flowers and more delicate plants, but the cactuses stand strong and resilient.

The other day I looked out of the window and thought it was snowing.  Remembering that it is June, and that I no longer live in Montana, I was confused momentarily.  Slowly (I was tired) I realized that it was not giant snowflakes falling from the sky and coating creation in a grayish film- it was what used to be bits of Arizona.  It was raining chunks of ash.

I decided that it was the most beautiful and sad thing I had ever seen.  New Mexico just won me over for one more year.

All apologies to Arizona.

Chasing Cheeseburgers

6 Jun

As a lifelong lover of cheeseburgers, I can think of no better way to spend my summer than chasing down all the best cheeseburgers that the Land of Enchantment has to offer.  A stranger to the land, I have enlisted the help of the lovely local Mr. Of the Rose in all matters cheeseburger related (mapping, navigation, photography, and green chile).  We’re going into this prepared for reality- heartburn, weight gain, and lots of money.  It’s going to be amazing.  An ex-model and a journalism student pursuing the American dream (a perfect burger) sounds like the perfect solution to boredom and unemployment.  So be ready, we’ll be launching the awesomeness that is love for cheeseburgers online in the very near future.

If Facebook Messages Could Kill…

4 Jun

I refuse to correct his grammar and punctuation, though I would very much like to.  This is the reason that Facebook continues to disappoint me (though admittedly, I am hopelessly addicted.)

From a random stranger who probably (I hope) lives on a different continent:

“How are you doing? Impressing is what i describe your captivating profile as a near perfect description of what i desire in a woman,even your profile goes a long way in describing the quintessential underlying beauty any man would seek for in a woman. I express to you my faithfulness,not forgetting that God gave us love and unity, in perfect love. Miss every man has a preconceived thought or wish for a special woman to spend the rest of their life with. From reading your page, everything about you exceeds my expectations. I know for now this may be a dream for me, however, I hope and I wish you would put fourth the effort to get to know me and make it reality for me. So, tell me what do you think?my Name is ——–”

….so yea… There’s that.

Everybody’s Favorite White Hot Mess

3 Jun

A friend of mine writes amazing songs for a super fun local post-punk-pop band.

“Lousy Robot is well known for creating catchy, noisy, post-punk songs aimed at the cynical, yet somehow resonating with the hopeful” – That’s what their website says.

So my friend, he tells me one day that he is writing a song.  “It’s based on you,” he says.

At first, excitement couldn’t accurately describe my feelings.  I love his songs, what can I say.  But then I began to get a little nervous.  I mean, I’m quite the spectacle for a good part of my conscious existence.  Would the song be a parody?  Would it be funny or would it make fun of me? I mean- what was he really going to write?

The anticipation was killing me, and at the same time I loved every minute of it.  So finally he tells me “I finished that song I threatened to write.”

He debuted the song at one of the first Blackbird Sunday brunches.  I was sitting with a friend of mine who happened to be celebrating a birthday that day.  Birthday boy looked at me and said, “Wow, Jim’s getting grim up there.”  I looked at him and said “Shhh, he’s talking about me.”

Here are the lyrics to the song

Everybody’s Favorite White Hot Mess.”

we could talk all night

cause talk is cheap and that’s just fine

I don’t want this pinned on me

the house wins every time

I hate long goodbyes

sitting on the edge of your seat

swinging wild like a blind man

everything is terribly right

God bless this cotton candy night

now look me in the eye

so come on down girl

you know what you do

so come on down girl

that’s what I love about you

there’s no way we’ll die tonight

I am sometimes wrong sometimes right on the money

I don’t want this pinned on me

I’ll take sincerity every time

what’s in the back of your mind?

so come on down girl

you know what you do

so come on down girl

that’s what I love about you

you dance across the room

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