The Sky is Crying Ashes

9 Jun

With a giant wildfire raging un-contained in Arizona, the sky above Albuquerque lately has been yellow.  Eery, haunted, orangish yellow.  At night our moon glows neon above the mountains and desert.  Just before dusk, at around seven or so, the smoke rolls through in big yellow clouds, coating everything in a fine layer of ash.  Stepping outside, we inhale the cremated remains of a forest we probably never got to see.  The smoke chokes the flowers and more delicate plants, but the cactuses stand strong and resilient.

The other day I looked out of the window and thought it was snowing.  Remembering that it is June, and that I no longer live in Montana, I was confused momentarily.  Slowly (I was tired) I realized that it was not giant snowflakes falling from the sky and coating creation in a grayish film- it was what used to be bits of Arizona.  It was raining chunks of ash.

I decided that it was the most beautiful and sad thing I had ever seen.  New Mexico just won me over for one more year.

All apologies to Arizona.

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