Sadness Is Absence

16 Jun

I can not really say why I do it, but lately I have been scheduling away all of my spare time.  It might’ve started with my friends finding jobs and becoming too busy to  drink all day and watch Batman two to three times a week with me.  It might’ve been the break between the kickball seasons.  Or, I might’ve simply just needed to keep myself busy and pay my bills instead of act like a lunatic and watch Danny DeVito portray the Penguin on a weekly basis.

Anyhow, since I have been so busy lately I have come to be one of those people who panics about their free time and the ways and which they will spend it.  Me no likey.  Today I took my first day off in forever to go to Metro Court for parking tickets and then spend the afternoon in MVD waiting for a new license.  No bueno!  I have come to confuse what I could be doing with what I should be doing.

So… this evening- on my day off- I am ignoring all phone calls, sipping Tecates, and heading off to the first kickball game of the summer season.

Go Team Taco!

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