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Did I Ever Tell You About the Time….

16 Nov

So I do have one story.

I have been trying to live on the cheap. I started trying to eat at home more (I got food poisoning) I quit shopping (which resulted in me trying to ‘alter’ all my clothes and hardly any of them survived) stopped attending brunch (it’s all champagne anyway) and quit taking cabs when I don’t want to ride the bus or walk. But the best… the real winner is I decided to save $100 by dying my hair at home instead of a salon. And… big surprise…. it didn’t work.

So on Sunday I went to Walgreens and got some home hair dye that said ‘reddish brown’ and went home, put it in my hair, and it came out NEON pink and ORANGE. Horrifying.

I thought it was kind of funny though, because as long as I referred to it as ‘super hero hair’ my boyfriend found it totally sexy and I hadn’t had that high of hopes for dying my own hair anyway. But I was still a little peeved.

You know how on the right hand side of your Facebook feed there is always that ‘People You May Know’ or friend suggestions or whatever? Well Twitter has something similar on the right hand side that says “Who to follow.” Well THAT DAY on my Twitter, on the side, was @ClairolColor (Clairol beauty products) and the bio was all about how they have excellent hair color (reliable was a word thrown haphazardly around) I was a bit bitchy and cranky so I wrote a tweet that said:

@ClairolColor I look like Ronald MacDonald and a troll doll’s love child. Excellent work. Keep it up”

Luckily, Monday is my off-day. So I wore a hat to Walgreens and got a box called ‘medium brown’ and I figured that’d be dark enough to cover it. When I got home, I found a tweet from @ClairolColor and I was kind of stoked that my little joke got heard all the way from Albuquerque – except that the reply said:

@lindsaygrocks Oh no! I want to help. DM me your info so we can chat!”

And I don’t know why but I was still all sassy so I Dm’d something that wasn’t the nicest thing I have ever said to anyone or any hair color company ever.

So they send another about a Color Expert to which I didn’t reply and another about how they wanted to insure satisfaction to which I didn’t reply…

Meantime I try to dye my hair brown, which doesn’t work, just makes it darker super hero color.

And meantime I notice a lot of activity on my Twitter- like 30 new followers in an hour or so (I usually get one or two a day)

And then at around 3pm my phone rang from a 513 number and I looked over, joking, and said, “It’s probably the fucking Clairol people.”

It was Clairol.

Some one in Clairol called and started with “Is this Lindsay? Yes? Well, I read your tweet… something about Ronald MacDonald and…”

“And a troll doll, yes. That was me.”

So then she talks to me about what I did, how I did it, and offers to pay a salon to fix it for me! I should complain about way more things way more often!!

The best part is, as she was hanging up, she says all awkwardly and regrettably, “Thanks for tweeting” – no shit.

Thanks Twitter, for bringing the common people and ‘The Man’ together everyday.

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