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Nothing Lasts Forever, Not Even Hello Kitty Pain

17 Apr

Another Friday the 13th. Another questionable tattoo decision. Another piece of artwork that will one day warrant an explanation.

So on Friday I might have made the stupid decision to get another Friday the 13th themed tattoo. Same theme. Same ankle. Even dumber tat this time- last time it was a sugar skull- this time: Hello Kitty in a hockey mask. No, I am not fucking kidding.

I know. I know. Whatever you are thinking, I am thinking it, too. Well, kind of.

I know it’s dumb, I know it’s permanent, I know I don’t even like Hello Kitty. It’s hard to explain, but it makes me laugh… and somehow that erases any sort of regret I might otherwise be feeling.

My thought process went something like this: fuck it.

Because really, what is permanence? Forever? Forever ever? Forever ever?

Bring it.

At a time when nothing in my life feels very lasting or real, a stupid little kitty wearing a mask seems like the just the thing I needed. Why does the future always have to be some bad or scary thing? Why not have it be some goofy, giggly manifestation of what I want life to be? I’m tired of being so serious- I had a very serious month in March. I have decided that for April I will dance more, laugh often, and get all the ridiculous ink that I want.

One of our regulars put it well when she said, “A Hello Kitty is a gateway tattoo.”

She’s totally right. I’m going to need at least another (large) tattoo around my ankle to draw the attention away from Friday the Kitty- and I’m totally stoked for it.  I’ll get to explain all sorts of absurdities about life and pop culture references to my grandchildren one day.

Next tattoo idea? Bougainvillea and/or a rat creature (have you read Bone yet?)



3 Apr

Today I took a walk in the snowy slush (it was 80° on Sunday!) and thought about some things.  Mostly, I sung the song from the Neverending Story to myself, but I did do some thinking.

I miss Kiki.  She would’ve hated today.  She did not like the snow or peeing and pooping outside in the cold weather.  I bet it kinda sucks to be a little dog in the winter.  Poor little girl.

I also thought about weddings and engagements and sappy stuff like that.  A good friend of mine just got engaged and I’m throwing them an engagement party on Saturday.  Never a dull moment.

I thought a little bit about my trip to the Bahamas a couple of months ago.  I miss sunshine.  This winter better hurry up and end.  It’s like every time we get a surprise snow after a warm day I feel a twinge of defeat.

But mostly, I thought about change, and I don’t just mean the weather.  March was quite a month of change, y’all.  It started with terror (long story, not worth telling) and then quickly escalated to sadness, then craziness, and then just plain confusion.  One thing that changed as well was that my little solo living room dance parties quietly exited my life- and that is just a shame.  I hadn’t noticed!  Dancing makes everyone smile, no matter if you are Kiki or the grumpy old neighborhood man who glares at the passersby from his porch.

So, without further ado, I am cranking up an old dance mix (no time to make a new one, this is an emergency), shaking off the cold, and starting a solo dance party.  Today it will be in the dining room (in the spirit of change).



I Ran – A Flock of Seagulls

Where Do You Wanna Go? – Super Furry Animals

Keep Slipping Away (Cereal Spiller Remix) – A Place to Bury Strangers

Fangela – Here We Go Magic

Soft Skull – Crocodiles

The Pretender – Foo Fighters

Tired of Sex – Weezer

Rock Of Ages – Def Leppard

Two Ways Out – Darker My Love

On Melancholy Hill- Gorillaz

Over and Over – Hot Chip

Wonderful You – The Dandy Warhols

Opposites Attract – Paula Abdul

Florida – Starfucker

Dead Disco – Metric

Sleepyhead – Passion Pit

Vanished – Crystal Castles

Everlong – Foo Fighters

Never Say Never – Romeo Void

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