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Take me out to the ballgame

16 May


We both got a little sunny at the Cardinals vs. Cubs game at Busch Stadium on Tuesday.

Meet me in St. Louis

16 May


Cheesing it up by the Gateway Arch.

Planes, Trains, and Missouri

15 May

Sometimes you’ve saved up quite a bit of airline miles. Sometimes you’re itching to get out of town. Sometimes your boyfriend has a birthday (and is STILL younger than you. Drats!) And sometimes, all those things occur at exactly the same time.

The general theme of this week: travel. It all started with a really long conversation about po’boys, crawfish, lakes and rivers, and how I totally intend to try to plan to visit back home soon. Then a brief moment of ‘What the fuck’ as to what to do for a birthday gift. A short while later I remembered a cache of airline miles. BAM. Crazy idea is born.

Folks, I love to travel, love to explore, love cheeseburgers, and I love pretty shoes. But those are not the things that define me. What defines me?


So I go online and look up places with non-stop flights from Albuquerque. The results: Phoenix (there in March for Radiohead), Denver (will be there again in June), Tuscon, El Paso, Dallas… All of it had been done. And none of it was different enough. Then I see it- St. Louis.

Now I would love to sit here and write that I had a solid, logical reason for choosing St. Louis- but I just can’t. It just isn’t some typical western/southwestern destination that we’re both so used to by now. Denver? Yea, seen it. Tuscon? Fun, but I’m over it

So for his 26th birthday, the boyfriend got a surprise trip to St. Louis, an afternoon out on the town, a delicious pizza, a visit to the Gateway Arch, some boiled crawfish, baked oysters, soul food etc, a shopping adventure, St. Louis Cardinals vs. Chicago Cubs game, lots of midwestern craft beers, and he finally got to meet someone very dear to me: the Mississippi River.

We discovered a few things over the course of our 36 hour vacation. One is that I turn into something similar to the Hulk when I’m hungry. Another is that alot of people in St. Louis seem to smoke. Like alot. And finally we learned that we travel in a very similar, haphazard style.

Case in point: Upon arriving at the metro station (at 6:04) to go to the airport, we had an ‘Oh shit’ moment reading that the train left at 6:02. Just as I had dialed the number for the cab, the rail shows up- ten minutes behind schedule. Phew. So we hurried inside Lambert airport at 6:40. Self-check in wasn’t working so I went over to the kiosk. Lady informs me that our 7:30 flight to Denver is delayed until 8:20 and that will cause us to miss our connection. Frowny face. She then says that they have moved us to the earlier, direct flight to Albuquerque. Smiley. It leaves at 7:05. In 12 minutes. Holy crap.

I’ve only once before had my name called over the intercom in an airport. And I was a teenager that time. Oops.

So I can check that, as well a a slew of St. Louis oriented activities, off of my list of things to do with my adult life. Sometimes it just works out that way.

Morning Hair

6 May

An Open Letter to Dry Shampoo:

You are a big, fat lie. I trusted you, and you turned your back on me. Plus, you smell like old people.

Screw you.


Lindsay G

P.S. I really should give you credit for making it easier for me to shampoo the cat. So there’s that.

Shit Gets Domestic

5 May

March 3: My friends come into my restaurant, and after eating quietly at the bar for a few moments, announce that they just got engaged. Literally, JUST. Right there at the bar. I steal away for a few minutes, find them some pink champagne, and a few giddy moments later start hatching my plan to throw an engagement party.

March 5: @lindsaygrocks So much planning to do! Ahhh! (the caffeine kicked in)

March 5: @lindsaygrocks It’s not so bad when flowers are involved

RT @xysmas@lindsaygrocks is planning my engagement party. I’m assuming we’ll all die at the end.

March 11: My dog got killed (and relationship went even further into the gutter) so I got a little distracted for a bit- like when I see really great shoes or I start Googling koala bears.

April 2: I have a panic attack in a Party City following a stressful trip to Costco.

April 5: I roll up my sleeves.

April 5: @lindsaygrocks Step 1: Open windows. Step 2: Disable smoke alarm. Step 3: Don’t burn the cupcakes.

@lindsaygrocks Definitely used too much batter.

@lindsaygrocks Putting together a ‘Lindsay gets domestic against every fiber of her being’ mix. Song ideas?

@lindsaygrocks I made giant cupcakes. oops. second try…

@lindsaygrocks Good call

RT @supersloth@lindsaygrocks ‘rocking the suburbs’ – ben folds

@lindsaygrocks It’s a shame about Ray (I named my cupcakes Ray- all of them)

@lindsaygrocksKitchen songs #NowPlaying Kitchen on #Spotify

April 6: The madness continued:

@lindsaygrocks Pickle juice in my eyes. Oh, the humanity!

@lindsaygrocks Hid the smoke alarm under the couch but it went off anyhow. But now I can’t reach it.

@lindsaygrocks Cocktail weenies. Classy.

@lindsaygrocks Ok listen, if you don’t want me to show up with a recipe involving pickle juice and cheese, don’t get married. Ever.

@lindsaygrocks They look very Halloween-y. They’re perfect.

@lindsaygrocks If I made Easter colored deviled eggs for an atheist couple’s party, would that make me Satan? I’m so confused.

@lindsaygrocks All the prep work is done. Now on to the important issues: Which dress shall I wear?

April 7: I take the night off, set up lace and flowers and food and cutesy stuff, take a million photos, gush with pride and the same time sadness (over the closing of one chapter in our lives) and overall have a good night.

April 8: I wake up sick with fever. Sinus infection. Allergy to the flowers. No kidding.

…And isn’t that just like my life? 😉

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