Shit Gets Domestic

5 May

March 3: My friends come into my restaurant, and after eating quietly at the bar for a few moments, announce that they just got engaged. Literally, JUST. Right there at the bar. I steal away for a few minutes, find them some pink champagne, and a few giddy moments later start hatching my plan to throw an engagement party.

March 5: @lindsaygrocks So much planning to do! Ahhh! (the caffeine kicked in)

March 5: @lindsaygrocks It’s not so bad when flowers are involved

RT @xysmas@lindsaygrocks is planning my engagement party. I’m assuming we’ll all die at the end.

March 11: My dog got killed (and relationship went even further into the gutter) so I got a little distracted for a bit- like when I see really great shoes or I start Googling koala bears.

April 2: I have a panic attack in a Party City following a stressful trip to Costco.

April 5: I roll up my sleeves.

April 5: @lindsaygrocks Step 1: Open windows. Step 2: Disable smoke alarm. Step 3: Don’t burn the cupcakes.

@lindsaygrocks Definitely used too much batter.

@lindsaygrocks Putting together a ‘Lindsay gets domestic against every fiber of her being’ mix. Song ideas?

@lindsaygrocks I made giant cupcakes. oops. second try…

@lindsaygrocks Good call

RT @supersloth@lindsaygrocks ‘rocking the suburbs’ – ben folds

@lindsaygrocks It’s a shame about Ray (I named my cupcakes Ray- all of them)

@lindsaygrocksKitchen songs #NowPlaying Kitchen on #Spotify

April 6: The madness continued:

@lindsaygrocks Pickle juice in my eyes. Oh, the humanity!

@lindsaygrocks Hid the smoke alarm under the couch but it went off anyhow. But now I can’t reach it.

@lindsaygrocks Cocktail weenies. Classy.

@lindsaygrocks Ok listen, if you don’t want me to show up with a recipe involving pickle juice and cheese, don’t get married. Ever.

@lindsaygrocks They look very Halloween-y. They’re perfect.

@lindsaygrocks If I made Easter colored deviled eggs for an atheist couple’s party, would that make me Satan? I’m so confused.

@lindsaygrocks All the prep work is done. Now on to the important issues: Which dress shall I wear?

April 7: I take the night off, set up lace and flowers and food and cutesy stuff, take a million photos, gush with pride and the same time sadness (over the closing of one chapter in our lives) and overall have a good night.

April 8: I wake up sick with fever. Sinus infection. Allergy to the flowers. No kidding.

…And isn’t that just like my life? 😉

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