La Tierra Mágica de Paletas de Hielo

15 Jul

On more than one occasion, I might have been known to believe some of my dreams were real. Not like psychotic stuff, but you know how sometimes you can have a dream where you act out an entire day of your life only to wake up and realize you didn’t spend an entire day at work- it was a dream- and now you have to do the whole thing over again, but for real this time. No? Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I am crazy.

Well a few years ago I went to a fun little Mexican popsicle place here in town- at least I thought I did. I haven’t been able to locate it again since.

After a while, I just thought I had dreamed about it and that it wasn’t a real popsicle wonderland (kind of like that church/casino with the catfish pond), and I guess I gave up.

But alas, yesterday I got a little victory. There haven’t been many lately so I really needed a win, I think.

The Mexican popsicle place is real.  It’s in the warzone, and I cannot wait to go get a banana and pistachio popsicle on my day off.

It’s like the universe patting me on the back and telling me I’m not entirely certifiable (although I did cry this morning because my cat, Floyd, is fixed and now I will never get to know her grand kittens- we’ll just let that slide).

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