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The Iron Cowboy

14 Oct

The old man tells me he’s as old as the hills. Tells me he remembers when Christ was a pup.

Bright Eyes plays on the radio. The old man sings along as he feeds the baby her medicine.

The Conservationist

11 Oct

After years of chasing a spotlight, my tail, and fireflies, I finally returned to my true vocation- archaeology. Except, the project I am hired on currently isn’t so much considered archaeological as it is graffiti mitigation- conservation.

El Morro National Monument is managed by the National Park Service, who after a recent incident of vandalism, contracted out to Archaeology SouthwestConservation Associates, and the University of New Mexico (that’s me!) for damage assessment, graffiti mitigation and conservation analysis.

Yesterday, after my arrival to the park and introduction to everyone, I got to see the site and get started with the crew. Preservation efforts are really a wonder to behold. What was the the most striking for me, I think, was that I was continually introduced to my new co-workers as ‘the conservationist from UNM.’

A title that I just might be able to get used to. 🙂


7 Oct

The Gaelic origin of my first name, Lindsay, is ‘Lindu’ which means ‘dark lake’ or ‘dark pool’ – so that’s a fun little tid bit.



3 Oct

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