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Top five books of the last 365 days in no particular order.

25 Apr

Devil in the White City
Rain of gold
The Lost City of Z

Book to Start the Day

19 Apr

I cannot think of a better book to start this day.


January Body

19 Apr


My January body was so much more kicking than my April package. Perhaps it was the beach wedding motivation?

Who knows. All I know is +11 lbs is bullshit. Time to get back on that bike (and back to the gym… and back to the juice fast… etc) TOWANDA!!!

A Haiku for My Feet

18 Apr

Barefoot, I started
Hiking boots then high heel pumps
And now, an air-cast


Wii Fit is an Asshole

13 Apr

Lately I’ve been trying to up my workout game just a bit. I got Wii Fit and have been trying to exercise at home as well as the gym.




As it turns out, Wii Fit is just a big fat jerk. I can crap on my own self esteem alone, thank you very much, and I don’t need a video game’s help to do it.

If you need me, I’ll be at the frozen yogurt shop down the street. Good day.

Oh Noes!

7 Apr


3 Apr


Little hound dog is teething and he makes the craziest faces when he wakes up from chewing dreams.

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