Spring Cleaning…. and messes….

1 Apr

Some crazy springiness in the air this morning got me up and motivated to do more in a day than I usually do in a week.

Got up and did some laundry with the F’s. Read a comic. Wrote some stuff. Kitchen was mopped. Got dressed and went shopping for a kitchen table. It’s been almost a year since I had a decent dining table.

Table shopping turned into antiquing with a friend who very obviously likes me because I also dragged him shoe shopping. And got some arts and crafts supplies at the local hobby store. Every man’s dream, right? ;-p

Had lunch with a friend who nearly (very nearly) crapped his pants (I shit you not) and then went home to check on the dog, who hadn’t been feeling well. He seemed ok (more on how disgustingly wrong I was on that matter later). Made some pizza and while cleaning out a closet, came across my old tent. Pitched it in the yard to air it out a bit.

Framed and hung some pictures, did the dishes, cleaned out the car, watered the yard. I was feeling fabulous about myself.

Came inside and discovered just how quickly things can go south when you feed couscous to a puppy. And also how quickly that freshly mopped kitchen from this morning can become a quarantine zone.

Le sigh.

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