I’m going to hell

7 Aug

I was walking down a different aisle when I heard the woman speaking to herself. She was wondering aloud, almost frantically, where she might find prepackaged Jello cups. I avoided her as long as I could. I’ve got enough crazy of my own, thank you, I don’t need to listen to anybody else’s, too. But eventually I had nearly everything I needed in my basket and I ventured down the crazy lady aisle.

She’d recruited a young man who had been trying to stock the shelves. She really needed to find that Jello. He was telling her that it was the next aisle over. He told her a few times, and in great detail. He spoke calmly and clearly to the old woman, and offered to take her the next aisle over and show her the shelf.

She refused to listen, refused to understand. As she grew angrier and more frustrated, the young man stole away. There’s just no helping some people.

I tried to keep my back to her and grab my items without incident.

She grew louder and louder, crankier and more demanding, asking where on earth she might find the prepackaged Jello cups.

A good person might’ve gone and grabbed them for her, putting an end to her whole ordeal. But something inside of me broke.

“Who are you talking to?!” I snapped, and swiftly exited her sphere of loony. I’ve got enough of my own crazy to deal with.

One Response to “I’m going to hell”

  1. levieleven August 12, 2013 at 10:44 am #

    did she reply?be careful you don’t get stuck in a new job as one of the voices in her head.


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