The almost monthly gym routine…

13 Aug

Cardio. I should definitely start with some cardio. Hop on the treadmill. On lowest setting.

Been a while. They got new TVs. Sweet.

Forgot to stretch.  Oops. Oh well, I’ll be fine, right?

Half-ass stretch in the far corner. Hope no one is watching.

Elliptical. Fuck I hate this machine.

I wonder if my face looks twisted in pain right now. I’ll try to force a smile. Now I just look frighteningly creepy. Screw smiling.

Weird cramp. Let’s take a break.

I like that girl’s outfit. How does she look so good while working out? I wonder if I could pull that look off.

Circuit training. Accidentally slip while doing the incline press up. No one saw that. I will not re-attempt. Jesus, that was loud.

Vending machine- HEELLLLOOOOO Skittles.

Cheer camp is happening in the field outside of the window. I guess I could stay for a while longer and pretend to pedal this stationary bike.

Bar across the street. It’s wing night.

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