Flea Circus

15 Sep

The boyfriend has been tearing down weeds and trees and old fences and rock walls in the yard. It’s been a mess. The rainy season has been in full effect too so the big piles of soggy leaves and sticks have led to a whole lot of black widows around the house. And fleas. Little Frank definitely got some fleas. And then he gave them to a friend’s dog. They’ve been passing them back and forth for over a week now. I’m just waiting until I get fleas and from that the bubonic plague. Great.

So today I’m giving three flea baths, washing all the linens, vacumming all the crevices, soaping all the surfaces, and praying like hell that this is the last time I ever have to encounter this problem.

Remember back in the day when the weekends were fun? I miss that.

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