Habits and Hobbies

13 Jan

So Bekah, Heather, and I accrued some interesting querks over the last decade or so.

When a test is coming up, a babysitter (for grown adults) is absolutely necessary.

All New Mexico Yankees fans (for no reason) are stupid. We established this rule from the start.

We drank boxed wine called simply ‘Refreshing White’ for years.

When I got upset I’d take a bath. Bekah would sit on the toilet and talk me through it, chain smoking the whole time. Once she and Heather actually accidentally spilled a dirty ashtray INTO MY BATH WATER.

We spent so many times hashing out problems while smoking and drinking wine in the tub.

Skin cream is ALWAYS eye makeup remover.

A round bed is never conducive to sleeping apart. You have to snuggle.

If you’re sad, head to the local watering hole and spill the beans about your troubles. Folks love to buy some pretty ladies some drinks.

Always wear your best shoes.

When in doubt, call Pops.

I can’t say we had a bad time together in the least. It was always interesting. If you can’t tell already, I miss them terribly today.


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