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24 Aug

Challenge is for lovers.

But when I run my feet hurt.

So I’ll stay here and fight for lovers’ rights.

Rain, Rain, Come and Stay

22 Aug

On rainy days I just want to curl up in bed, read a good book, turn on acoustic music, and have a glass of wine. 

I like to open the windows and listen to the sound, sometimes subtle and sometimes urgent, of water falling on the earth. I like the smell of the desert damp and grateful. I like to imagine that it will last forever. 

It is one of those things that always instantly calms me and excites me simultaneously.

It reminds me that I am still alive.



Stretch Pants

19 Aug


Everything I Do I Do It for You

14 Aug

I woke up to Frank singing this to me.

I know. Just… it is what it is.

Hard Knocks

11 Aug

Knock knock.

How many concussions have you had?

I dunno, like about five?


As a child on a four wheeler, in a canoe accident, in a car accident, breaking my face outside of Burt’s, and when the dog broke my nose. The worst was after the car accident.

So, like significant brain damage.

Wait… what were we talking about? I really like pineapples.


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