3 Feb

So i thought about it and here’s a list of things that come in groups of 30:

Tears (still made the list)
A murder of crows
Jellybeans and gummy bears
Potato chips
The number of episodes of X Files I can watch in a row
The number of parking tickets I have
Text messages from me when I’m angry
Days in some months
Hours I can be away from Mr . Frank before I cry
Flavors of Frito Lays
Songs in a playlist
National Parks I’ve visited
Steps from my door to the street
Dishes I can cook
People I love
People who despise me
Times I’ve called an Uber this month
Minutes in half an hour
Cute ways Frank wakes me up
Channels available with bunny ears
Yogurt covered raisins per box
People whose Facebook or blog that I actually check
Miles to the mountains
Comic books I got this weekend
Meters I can run
Average tables per shift on Mondays
Olives on a quarter muffaletta

…years in my lifetime.

2 Responses to “Thirties”

  1. misspeter March 6, 2015 at 12:00 pm #

    30 packs of pbr, duh


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