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Don’t Swallow the Cap

11 Mar

Listening to Don’t Swallow the Cap by the National. I’m head over heels for it.

“Everything I love is on the table
Everything I love is out to sea

I have only two emotions
Careful fear and dead devotion
I can’t get the balance right
Throw my marbles in the fight…”

All Grace and Poise

10 Mar

This morning I locked myself out of my house. Wearing only a towel.

Here’s the long and short of it. Yesterday I went shopping and got some new black shirts for work. I then went to dinner and forgot about them in a bag in the backseat of my car. This morning after my shower, when I thought about getting dressed, I remembered them there and thought “I’ll just go get them.”

I have this habit of turning the lock on the door handle whenever I leave. It’s the only way I remember to lock my door, and seeing as I live on a busy street in a bustling neighborhood, locking the door seems like a good idea. So my reflexes locked the damn door as I stepped out to get my clothes from the car, a mere 5 feet from my front stoop. I had no need to even shut the door, much less lock my dumb ass outside. Wearing only my big purple towel.

My windows are pretty sturdy and locked, as is the other door. The only other way in was the doggy door. Luckily for Frank, I have a fear of dog-nappers so there is a lock on the 6 foot high gate to enter his dog run. So I got to climb up and over that fence, in front of my busy street and bustling neighborhood. Wearing only a towel.

Once in the dog run I was able to shimmy my way in through the dog door (luckily that was not locked as well) and I lay on the floor dusty and dirty and panting for a bit.

Then I remembered my clothes were still in the car.

I’m all grace and poise over here, folks.

Sadman 19 « Dave Jordan Art

5 Mar

Dave does the coolest comics, y’all. ‘ Tis true.

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