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Total Eclipse and Some Art

28 Sep

This weekend was a good one. I saw some cool local art at the Grower’s Market on Saturday and on Sunday a friend and I drove up north to Ojo Caliente for some much needed rest and relaxation in the hot springs and mud baths. The drive is a bit from Albuquerque  (maybe 2 hours on interstates and highways… bleck) but is totally worth it. Ojo Caliente is one of those magical places that feels almost other – worldly in its simplicity and fabulousness. We soaked, sat in hammocks, basked in the sunshine, and then watched a gorgeous lunar eclipse of a super blood moon from the warmth of a hot spring amidst a subtly lit canyon setting. A perfect end to the week.

Ferocious, Frightening Ferris Wheel Fiasco

3 Sep

As it turns out, I learned a few things over the weekend. Perhaps the most alarming to me was the fact that I am terrified of Ferris Wheels. Well that certainly is new.

We went up in the Great Wheel to get a nice look out over the city and the sound and I had a massive, massive panic attack at the idea of being stuck in that little 8 person gondola for three rotations. So bad it was actually kind of funny. I shook and squealed and grabbed the seat til my knuckles turned white. It went on for the entire ride.

Luckily, afterward we found Copperworks Distilling and had a lovely gin and vodka tasting, and the proprietor of that wonderful establishment pointed us to Zig Zag, a great little craft cocktail bar that we stopped into on our way to a delightful sushi dinner.

The whole time all I could think about was how scary the Ferris Wheel had been. What the hell is wrong with me?!

Screenshot 2015-10-08 13.07.33

I’ll Settle for Seattle

2 Sep

Spent the weekend in the Pacific Northwest celebrating a dear friend’s birthday.

We took long walks, visited the Pikes Place Market, ate delicious food, went shopping, saw the Space Needle, the Great Wheel, the Aquarium, and countless wine and whiskey tastings.
I met this magnificent otter.

It was a lovely escape from the desert heat, if only for a moment. I cannot wait to get back up there again.

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