Ferocious, Frightening Ferris Wheel Fiasco

3 Sep

As it turns out, I learned a few things over the weekend. Perhaps the most alarming to me was the fact that I am terrified of Ferris Wheels. Well that certainly is new.

We went up in the Great Wheel to get a nice look out over the city and the sound and I had a massive, massive panic attack at the idea of being stuck in that little 8 person gondola for three rotations. So bad it was actually kind of funny. I shook and squealed and grabbed the seat til my knuckles turned white. It went on for the entire ride.

Luckily, afterward we found Copperworks Distilling and had a lovely gin and vodka tasting, and the proprietor of that wonderful establishment pointed us to Zig Zag, a great little craft cocktail bar that we stopped into on our way to a delightful sushi dinner.

The whole time all I could think about was how scary the Ferris Wheel had been. What the hell is wrong with me?!

Screenshot 2015-10-08 13.07.33

One Response to “Ferocious, Frightening Ferris Wheel Fiasco”

  1. LisaDiane October 10, 2015 at 11:43 am #

    I had a similar experience: convinced I’d help my S.O. get over his fear of heights, we did the giant ferris Wheeler observer in Niagara Falls. It wasn’t till we started going up that I realized I was more freaked out than he.


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