Black Eyed Peas, Please

18 Oct

Black eyed peas are one of my favorite foods in a major major way. I love them so much. I only make them, however, a few times a year and it’s usually for a holiday or some celebration. I don’t know, maybe I’m too lazy to do it often, or maybe they lose their charm if they become a monthly meal.

Anyway, here’s how you do it. You get fresh peas when you can, which out here in New Mexico is next to never, or you get a bag of dried peas. Soak them overnight in just enough water to cover them, then in the morning rinse them off and place them in a crock pot.

In the crock pot place half a chopped yellow onion, some chopped garlic, tabasco, salt, pepper, chopped tomato, chopped jalapeños  (I like to use the pickled ones for tang but fresh work too), some tabasco peppers, a little tabasco pepper vinegar, and a dash of cayenne. Fill with chicken broth enough to cover. I always put salt pork, ham, bacon, or fat back in mine for the fat and flavor, and I highly recommend cooking the peas with a fatty meat, but for a vegetarian version vegetable broth and no meat is acceptable. Cook on low 8 hours or high 4 hours. During the last half hour make cornbread to sop up the pea juice/broth.

You’re welcome, tummies.


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