And that’s how you get pink eye

25 Feb

A coworker and I used to have a running joke.  Whenever one of us did something gross (clean out the drain, scrape grease off of walls, touch an unknown sticky spot on the bar, etc) we would giggle “And that’s how you get pink eye.” You know, because you get pink eye from fecal matter (at least that’s what he told me).

It became a whole thing. Whenever we’d talk about our weekends we would say it, whenever someone bent over and we saw a butt crack, whenever a pigeon ora dog got inside, whenever anybody spoke or behaved inappropriately…you get the idea.

I recently sent him this picture with the caption “And that’s how you get pink eye.”


Apparently you can get conjunctivitis from allergens, too. Which sucks, because I really like my danderful cats.

Also, that is no laughing matter (ok kind of it is) because it’s stinking painful and causes complications (blepharitis, punctate keratitis) which make it a pain to cure.

Haha. Doesn’t ‘blepharitis’ sound like a dinosaur name? That’s kind of awesome.

…I guess the joke’s on me, folks.


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