Please Keep Off the Beach Today

28 May

Maine has been a little weird so far. Beautiful and picturesque for sure, however I do wish I could come up with some better adjectives. I suppose I’d say this is what I imagine living inside of a postcard calendar at my Grandmother’s house would be like. Since arriving and moving in, starting work, figuring out where my phone gets service and how to share crappy internet with too many people, I have had a little bit of time to explore.

Next door is a very nice older couple that love to garden and put great pride in making their flowers an experience on the island. She’s always out there working. People walk along the paths in the village, as there are no paved streets or sidewalks or drainage or anything of the sort. Everyone that lives here says hello when they walk past and drop little bits of news or help as you might need. This is the only way I know of getting weather forecasts. The tourists come to birdwatch and hike and have the artistic revelation experience so they all carry large cameras and binoculars. They’re all nice too, because unless you live in a remote area of Maine, it’s a serious bitch to get here. Rusty lives on the swim beach and has back problems so doesn’t fish as much anymore. He also offers to take Inn employees to the nearby Manana island for free by his boat if we like, which is a fun perk to knowing all your neighbors.

A few steps farther and you reach the store, a one room building where you can buy fresh vegetables, milk, eggs, dry goods, toothpaste, cookies, sandwiches, and beer. It is the only place for me to purchase overpriced candy for miles in every direction. le sigh. Keep going and you reach the one room post office that he signals is open for the day by raising the flag. In theory mail comes on Monday, Wedneday, and Friday. There are also art galleries, a brewery, the novelty where you buy wine and pizza and ice cream, and the fish house which isn’t open yet. In the other direction in the village is the small library, a one room schoolhouse that is basically a multipurpose community center, a little church, a ton more art galleries, a really old cemetary, and on top of the hill, the lighthouse.


At night we’ve been meeting down at the dock and fishing. So far we’ve only caught pollock. It is a blast though. The bioluminescent water makes it all the more other-worldly as we talk shit to each other, get to know each other, and debate bait and tackle issues. Some nights are crystal clear and we learn about astronomy from our sage elders and some nights a fog rolls in (the kind that cancels planes and boats and helicopters) and you can’t even see Manana Island, which is just across the harbor. It has been pleasant. Except the baby seal incident.

Today this sign was tacked up by the swim beach. A poor baby seal got lost and came into the harbor alone. I don’t know what happened yet, but I hope his mama seal finally found him. I’m sure someone will have followed all the baby seal gossip. Poor little guy.

***Update on the baby seal. He made it back to the ocean and we’re fairly certain he’s with his mama and is going to make it. Phew!

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