The Ghost in the Forest

25 Jun

A light in the woods, a plate in the kitchen, a door that unlocks itself.

I’ll start at the other night. Got off work relatively early for a dinner shift. The moon was out and bright and I decided to go on a moonlight hike with a friend. We ended up in the middle of the Cathedral Woods instead of by the shore. The moon was gone, swallowed up by the towering pine trees. We were in an animated discussion over something or other and sat down to debate. I took off my coat to sit on. After a while I caught a chill, I thought we should keep moving to warm up. Debate continued instead. Off in the woods I saw a light. For a moment I thought someone else was out for a stroll. I turned back to talk. About ten minutes later I looked back and the light was still there. More defined. Taking shape. I kept one eye out. Ten minutes after that it was closer. This is when I pointed it out to my companion. We watched, and ever so slightly, ever so slowly, it was approaching, its shape defining a bit more each time. It was somewhat like a snowman without the middle ball. We started walking. I looked back twice, it was there both times, the same distance from which we had left it, steadily following behind us. At the end of the woods, where we met the road we both turned. It stayed in the thicket where the trees began. It hovered. We went home.

The next day I was in the kitchen prepping for lunch. I walked some silverware to the dishpit, in a separate room, and the cooks were behind the line away from the open area of the kitchen and sink. With no one even remotely nearby, a dish flew from the sink area and shattered on the floor across the way. We all just froze and looked. Sure, maybe there’s a logical explanation, but no one felt like talking, felt like stating the seemingly true.


But then, I’ve been wrong before. There is certainly an odd energy on this tall rock out in the sea, though. You can almost reach out and touch it.

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