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Great Balls of Fire

11 Jul

Last night i sat in the patio chairs talking with some friends through the fog when the sky lit up in a few brief flashes. It looked like a tiny orb of light that lit then faded, followed by two more almost immediately. It was high enough that I suppose it could’ve been fireworks from a boat, looking odd behind the cloud. Or maybe something way off on shore? Who knows. 

All I know is I saw balls of light in the sky and it brought me a tiny moment of excitement and joy. It’s the simple things.

Feeling the Burn

6 Jul

Thursday I was free until 4pm. It was lovely. I filled up the backpack with water and snacks and a fishing pole and romped the island for hours. I like learning more about the flora and fauna around me, but honestly what interests me the most is the geology. Such a steep rock in the deep ocean atop of which is an entire little habitat. It’s beautiful.

Anyhow, I ended the romp at my favorite rock and had a gummy bears and cheese picnic before heading in to work. I didn’t realize I had sweated off all my sunscreen.

And now I join the lobsters in this lobsterland.

When in Rome…

One wing isn’t even enough…

1 Jul

I have the day off. I slept late, letting my sunburn soak in some much needed aloe. When I went in for breakfast, there were reports of mackerel running so I headed down to the dock to throw a line. No luck, and then the boats started coming in. You can’t win them all.

So then we headed to swim beach, because it was a hot day and the water looked inviting. One can’t spend an entire summer in the ocean and not get in. We went swimming, somewhat reluctantly, as the water is a cutting fifty-something degrees. It was hard and icy but refreshing.

Then upon getting out of freezing water to a really warm beach, Mario went into shock. He got lightheaded, dizzy, sleepy. We got him some juice, Greg sat and made sure he was well, we fed him lunch and propped him up in the deck chairs facing the sun to warm him up and get his blood flowing. We were praying we didn’t have to call the helicopter.

Then we all saw it. Up in the sky there was a crazy color burst through the clouds that slowly took the form of Angel wings (to everyone else, to me it looked like a Cylon Raider in rainbow colors) and it grew bigger and more pronounced, then it faded and shifted off to the north. We all felt amazed by our little moment. And Mario was better. It was timed perfectly.

Pictures didn’t really capture it, but here is my lazy cell phone camera attempt to prove that it was real.

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One wing isn’t even enough

…to leave

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