My dog, the Franklin

13 Nov

People love their dogs. let them have it. dogs are the best . 

But my dog, Mr. Frank, takes the cake . He literally just got mad at air, barked at it, then took a nap. He’s my soulmate. I wish my life was so taken care of that I never worried. I also wish that I owned the world and nothing mattered.

 I wish I could bark at the air just because I was pissed off, but people, humans, aren’t supposed to do that. I admire my little guy. He’s expressive. Some may view that as a fault. But he is HIM. Power to him.

Now he and I will take a fabulous nap. and it’s only fabulous because he’s there. Mull that around in your noggins, because I’ll be sleeping peacefully with the love of my life.

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