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Spirit Animal

26 Jul

I come from a bobcat. True story. Explains a bit, I suppose (I’m also a descendant of pirates).

So before I get to the story of my birth, let me tell you about my brother’s. It’ll give you a little context to my understanding of life and death.

My mom and dad wanted to have a kid for forever and had all these complications and then finally my mom got preggers with my bro. So as she went into labor and headed to the hospital my family was all abuzz and excited. My Grandmother and great-grandmother got in the car and headed down the mountain (we’re Appalachians) to the hospital to see him be born. It was a time of excitement and happiness. But a terrible car accident happened on their way and my great-grandmother died. My Grandmother was badly injured, I think she broke her legs and all. The joy of my dumb brother was interupted by this tremendous tragedy. So I always assumed that my great-grandmother, Granny Meade, was my brother’s spirit because he kind of is a little old lady on the inside. Very much.

So then came me, the whoops baby. Or as I like to say, the most awesome miracle and best news ever.

My dad worked for the phone company while he was doing his post grad. He climbed up the telephone poles and fixed stuff. I don’t really know, it was back in the days of land lines. He found a stranded kitten one day, put it in his shirt pocket, and brought it home to my mom.

Oops, it’s a baby bobcat.

Anyhow, they raised the bobcat and named it Chris. There are pictures of Chris cuddling with my brother as an infant and then as a toddler. He was a good *big* cat. So anyway my mom was pregnant with me, broke her femur (largest bone in your entire body. Go big, mom) waterskiing, was recovering from getting the cast off her leg, and Chris started acting weird. He curled up under the table and was having trouble breathing. My mom, extremely pregnant, still mostly one legged, crawled under the dining table to lay with him and hold him. She called my dad crying. My dad, thinking she’s gone into labor, rushes home. And as they sat with Chris the bobcat as he died, under the dining table, guess who came into the world?

If you guessed me, you’re right. So my brother has Granny Meade and I have a bobcat’s spirit.

It all makes a little more sense now, huh?

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