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Mi quinto 29

28 Jan

Things I would like for my birthday:

A haircut and my nails done
An electric drill
A robot
A garden in the backyard
Peace of mind
Some focus
Comic books
A trip to Maine
Someone to tile my bathroom for me
A vacation
A full tank of gas
A cheeseburger

A mulligan for the last 17 years


Also, these are my other birthday lists, if you are interested in the evolution of Lindsay

It happens

7 Jan

So here’s my last two weeks in a nutshell.

My old English professor came over in a bathrobe, crying, so now he’s staying with me.

My colleague already lives with me.

My colleague told HR I wanted to file a sexual harassment complaint and that wasn’t real.

Then the man I never wanted to file a complaint against crashed a motorcycle and died.

Then my friends got in a fight, kind of, and I spilt town. Went and had a Santa Fe day.

I can’t do it. Call me when it’s over. There’s too much drama at the holidays.

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