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Smokey Lonesome

20 Oct

Hey Jim,

I’ve been reading Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe. I know I read it in high school but it’s a little different this time.

Anyway I just read the chapter about Smokey Lonesome and how he loved Ruth, like a sister, unconditionally.

It gave me pause because I didnt realize his name was Smokey Jim Phillips Lonesome. That is oddly reflective.

So now I’m going to go to the gym until I figure that one out. Because it got me good. Right in the feels.

Love you, Smokey Lonesome.

You know like when you are on vacation in Italy?

2 Oct
Sometimes things can disappoint us. That is just life. Then sometimes you date some bourgeois dude. And when you tell him about a disappointing day you had, he replies,
“You know how like when you go to the Sistine Chapel and it isn’t as big as you thought?”
…To which I reply “You know how sometimes you are homeless and you have to sleep in your car and it isn’t as big as you thought?”
Then I walk through a pile of horse shit and go back to work.

Put a Ring on It.

2 Oct

Holy crap, ya’ll. I got a ring stuck on one of my fingers like last week and I had resigned myself to the fact that I’d probably eventually just lose the digit. I just got the ring off. Pain is real but the freedom I feel right now is straight up magical.

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