I’m a storyteller. I tell many stories. In this blog I tell the story of my personal life, constant disaster that it is. I live in world of magical realism. It is all real- it is just magical as well. I am injured often, get sick easily, am clumsy, and have pointy serrated elf ears. I’m a grown-ass woman who reads comic books, loves science fiction and westerns, and prefers her vitamins in gummy form. I love cheeseburgers so much that I get emotional over them. Floyd, my cat, is the main character in many of my stories, being that she was my best friend for nearly two decades- not to mention her secret life as the Batman. She was recently killed and my heart torn to pieces. I have a dog named Frank. He’s my little stud. Life is far from dull.

So please, enjoy my stories. Comment on my stories. Share my stories. Most importantly, tell me your stories, too.


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