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Bath toys

3 Nov

Today I pushed my kitten into the bathtub. The devil made me do it, I dunno why. I do know that it was spectacular/adorable/slightly mean.

Smitten by Kittens

16 Jun


I just adopted two little kittens.
It’s been nearly a year, it is time.
I picked a scruffy, angry little kitten who was hissing up a storm at me. Then I picked a lovely little feline who was climbing up the walls. Literally.


They’re pretty great. So far.

I still can’t help feeling like I may be doomed. So much kitten crap ahead.





Stretch Pants

19 Aug


Pimento Cheese

29 Jan

Pimento cheese, a true southern favorite. I have been craving it a lot lately, and experimenting in finding a perfect recipe since it’s next to impossible to find out here in New Mexico. I finally got my recipe down. I think. 

Taste for yourself!

2 cups shredded sharp cheddar 

3oz cream cheese. The whipped kind blends easier.

1/2 cup mayo

1/4 tsp minced onion 

1/4 tsp garlic powder

1/2 tsp cayenne pepper

(I am making these measurements up. I pour into the palm of my hand and eyeball it. I judge how much cayenne by shaking the jar over whatever I am cooking until it is a good tint of red. I’m real scientific.)

1 4oz jar of minced pimento, drained

A palm full of pickled jalapeno slices

A few shakes of tabasco and worcestershire 

Salt and pepper

All in the food processor, blend it up. Serve on a ham sandwich with pickle slices, as a pinwheel with tortilla, on a burger, on crackers, in deviled eggs, on biscuits with bacon, or as a grilled cheese sandwich.

Bam. That’s what I did with my day.

Ate cheese.


22 Sep

For three years now I have written this blog, pouring all the horrors of my heart and soul out for the world to see. Not anything of much consequence.

Three years ago I was posing naked in my local dive bar.

Three years ago I lived in Edo and worked for UNM.

Three years ago I hated working out and loved wearing heels.

Three years ago I really loved cheeseburgers.

Two years ago I was posing in yoga clothes in Santa Fe.

Two years ago I was living in Edo and working at Holy Cow.

Two years ago I was dying my hair pink on accident in an attempt to save money.

Last year I was donning my hiking boots out in El Morro.

Last year I was living in Midtown and working at Holy Cow and UNM.

Last year I read a lot of non-fiction about serial killers.

This year I am recently back from a bout of restless and fanatic travel with Floyd and the hound dog puppy.

This year I am marginally homeless and working at Holy Cow.

This year I’ve grown out my hair and added a feather to my locks.

Not too much has changed, honestly. Different projects, different boyfriends, different apartments, different random injuries, but the plot remains the same.

Reason enough to shake it up, I say.

Happy Anniversary, Linds!


It’s Been Real

17 Jun

Headed out to Austin for the summer. Packing up my belongings all week, I’ve really gotten to thinking about the past couple of years. It’s been a while since I left, like really cut ties and left. Of course, I’ll be back in no time and nothing will have changed, but it’s comforting to think of change, temporary as it may be.

Ever since I told my boss I was leaving I have had this encompassing feeling of weightlessness. It’s awesome. Headed into my last cheesy burger shift tomorrow night with nothing but smiles.
About the same time I made the decision to leave, another of my co-workers got a new job at UNM and handed in her two weeks as well. She did it a lot cuter than I, in the form of an adorable poem.


I will miss my Corn Maiden and all of (some of) my other co-workers.

It’s been real.

January Body

19 Apr


My January body was so much more kicking than my April package. Perhaps it was the beach wedding motivation?

Who knows. All I know is +11 lbs is bullshit. Time to get back on that bike (and back to the gym… and back to the juice fast… etc) TOWANDA!!!

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