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Wild Life

2 Jun

The boss had gotten some gin. The girls had seltzer and tonic. I had a chocolate bar. We made an evening of it, watching the sunset over the harbor. I can get used to slow living, I think.


Lindsay the Explorer

31 May

It is my first day off. My goal is to see as much as possible and not miss dinner. Lindsay gets hungry, and cranky. I walked up the hill to the end of the village (5 minutes away) and looked in some shops. It is a sweet little village. Children on vacation running around in sunhats, moms in fanny packs carrying oversized cameras, neighbors mowing, villagers bustling. I could get used to this.

I had to come back for a snack. And some gummy bears. Now I’m headed out to see Catherdral woods and the Fairy Houses. I hear it is lovely. Then on to scope out some new fishing ground. One can’t spend an entire season on a dock. Especially when you have over a square mile to work with.

Have foot will travel…

Fishing with Frank

19 Apr

This afternoon Frank came running up to me with his giant, perfect, nose and nuzzled me as I laughed at how it tickled. Then I realized that he had just found a Goldfish cracker in my belly button that I hadn’t known was there.

This is where my life is at.

Kung Fu Furballs

29 Mar

So I’ve been on a super budget lately while saving up for the summer, but even poor people get bored and want to go see a movie. I really want to see Batman v Superman, but I can wait a bit if it saves me $15. So the date and I went to the dollar theater and saw Kung Fu Panda 3 (which is adorable, btw). I call it the sticky foot theater because, well, your feet stick to all the grime and spilled soda on the floor.

We sat, eating popcorn and giggling, till near the end of the movie. I ate a handful of popcorn, thought something felt wrong, and pulled a hair out of my mouth.

Now I’ve been a little super stressed lately and my hair has been falling out because of it (I know, it is the plot of a horror movie in the making, and here I thought I was starring in a slapstick comedy) so I wasn’t sure if the hair was mine or someone else’s. I sat the popcorn on the floor.

My date leaned over and said, “Is there a lot of hair in that popcorn?”


I just looked at him like he was an idiot- because he is- and ground my teeth for the rest of the movie. It really is funny and cute. I liked Kate Hudson’s panda character.

Anyway so at the end of the movie I let loose with the “WTF? Why did’t you say something? Whats wrong with you?”

And he answers, “You know what’s really messed up? I kept eating it. I found like 4 or 5 hairs and didn’t think anything of it.”

…What do you say to that? I just stared, astounded.

Did I just lose my mojo?

28 Mar

The waiter was walking around with a tray of cheese biscuits and tiny cornbreads. We sat drinking our beers at the corner of the bar, thoroughly engrossed in a discussion about a new job. Mike smiled. “I bet you won’t be able to say no to this.” I thought he was saying something about our conversation. The waiter came by with the tray, and asked if we’d like some bread. I told him no thank you and went back to talking.

Then I did a double take. Did I really just dismiss cornbread? Why hadn’t I paid any attention? Of course I want cornbread and cheese biscuits. This was lunacy.

So I spent the next half hour following the waiter with hawkeyes as he went around with the tray. He went to one couple at the end of the bar, stood by the hostess and talked, passed through the dining room, went to the kitchen and came out with a fresh tray, stood and talked to some waiters…

Blood vessels in my eyes were bursting. Finally he came back our way. I made my happy eye contact and smiled big, batting my eyelashes, twisting in my seat and swishing my dress.

He smiled back. And then walked right past us with his stupid cheese biscuits and tiny cornbreads. Flirting fail. I just wanted some bread!

Fuck that bar.

I went home and made cornbread.

Getting Classy

23 Feb

Going straight classy tonight. Lit a bunch of candles, filled a bubble bath, turned on my happy new playlist

Then i ate a sandwich in the bath tub, while smoking joint, and am now attempting to dye my own hair. Like some kind of animal. By candle light. Because I haven’t learned anything yet.

Black Eyed Peas, Please

18 Oct

Black eyed peas are one of my favorite foods in a major major way. I love them so much. I only make them, however, a few times a year and it’s usually for a holiday or some celebration. I don’t know, maybe I’m too lazy to do it often, or maybe they lose their charm if they become a monthly meal.

Anyway, here’s how you do it. You get fresh peas when you can, which out here in New Mexico is next to never, or you get a bag of dried peas. Soak them overnight in just enough water to cover them, then in the morning rinse them off and place them in a crock pot.

In the crock pot place half a chopped yellow onion, some chopped garlic, tabasco, salt, pepper, chopped tomato, chopped jalapeños  (I like to use the pickled ones for tang but fresh work too), some tabasco peppers, a little tabasco pepper vinegar, and a dash of cayenne. Fill with chicken broth enough to cover. I always put salt pork, ham, bacon, or fat back in mine for the fat and flavor, and I highly recommend cooking the peas with a fatty meat, but for a vegetarian version vegetable broth and no meat is acceptable. Cook on low 8 hours or high 4 hours. During the last half hour make cornbread to sop up the pea juice/broth.

You’re welcome, tummies.


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