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Parks and Wrecks a Haiku

5 Oct

I told a coworker to write a poem on the old typewriter I found. I could see him counting on his fingers and thinking of phrases silently. A normal person would assume he was writing a Haiku.

I got this instead:

"Lindsay in disguise

Grinchy grin always wins

Always use the half rule"


I actually kind of love it.


Monhegan Solitude

11 Sep

I’ve been reading the Graphic Canon series edited by Russ Kick. It is an awesome compilation of excerpts of graphic adaptations of classic literature. I enjoy it very much.

I’ve worked my way from the Epic of Gilgamesh to the Popol Vuh (Maya creation story), Greek plays, Shakespeare, Milton… and this rainy, blustery, cold evening I find myself at Keats.

It’s like he visited Monhegan himself. Couldn’t have summed it up better. Thanks to Hunt Emerson for this lovely interpretation.


A note from the boat

2 Sep

​”It was a grey morning the sun wanted to come out.

Lindsay wasn’t worried about the sun that morning. She had found something she had been searching for, or something she had forgotten about. 

In her warm clammy hands she had found a seal; a seal of approval? 

Things were going to be okay.  

Lindsay had found hope. 

Was it cliche? Was it sad? Was it anger?

It didn’t matter.

The furry little cozy seal let her know that through those clouds the sun would shine so strong it would dry up any tears that would roll down her beautiful face. She could rest her head on a cloud of daydreams and twirl her strawberry blonde hair and remember all the fun and future fun…

…everything is going to be okay.

Love, Mario”

All the Noise and Lack Thereof

22 Jun

Crickets and frogs and wind and ocean and cliffs and rustles and breezes and birds. It’s never truly silent.
It just feels like it.
Like the island is its own music.

Silence and Stillness

10 Jun

There is silence. And the odd peace that comes with it. And the odd terror that comes with too much silence. Me and my thoughts alone is a scary premise. I’ll figure it out, though. In the meantime food is good, nights are warm, and I can’t complain.

The sun is shining today in all its glory. I shall nap on a rock and get toasty. In all the silence there isn’t really stillness. You have to find it. Challenge accepted.


12 Jan


My brother and mother found this while searching through my old bedroom. Apparently I’ve always been afraid of monsters (and thought my brother had a tiny head/brain).

Mutilate Us « Dave Jordan Art

21 Oct

This is incredible. I have the most talented friends.

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