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Mutilate Us « Dave Jordan Art

21 Oct


This is incredible. I have the most talented friends.


Stretch Pants

19 Aug


Hard Knocks

11 Aug

Knock knock.

How many concussions have you had?

I dunno, like about five?


As a child on a four wheeler, in a canoe accident, in a car accident, breaking my face outside of Burt’s, and when the dog broke my nose. The worst was after the car accident.

So, like significant brain damage.

Wait… what were we talking about? I really like pineapples.


My Dreary Days

1 Mar


…Maybe I shouldn’t have slept through all those art classes in school.

Riding the Glow

13 Jul


Lately I’ve been riding my own glow into subspace. Sometimes I forget, but I have an awesome reminder on my ribcage, thanks to last November.

You’re Doing It Wrong

18 Nov

Sometimes we just don’t catch a break.

I was looking forward to this Sunday, a day I actually have a break from almost everything. A slow morning recovery, returning to find everything is still in order and nothing was lost in the night, a little gym time, a trip to the comic book store, and eventually a movie. Some junk food? Hell, why not? Skype with old friends? Sure, I’ve got time.

And then this happened.


New plan:

scream so loud the neighbors come to check on me, cry with an anguish and woe so real it’s primal, take all the Ibuprophen in the world, ice toe with New Mexico’s heaviest ice pack.

Return to bed- beaten, defeated, broken and small.

Sometimes we just don’t catch a break.

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