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Oh, the weather outside is weather

15 Feb

My morning walk this morning was absolutely lovely. February is an odd month in New Mexico- freezing wind, rain, 60° sun filled days, or blankets of snow. Last night, as I was closing down shop, it began to snow. I mean those huge, sand dollar size snowflakes that are so fluffy and wet that they stick to everything no matter it isn’t very cold outside. There was no wind; the air was still. They fell in crazy swirly zig zags. Lovely. I walked home in it- it was like walking in the rain on a warm October day.

This morning, as I passed the fire station and the Greek Orthodox Church and all of the old Victorian houses of my neighborhood on the way to the coffee shop, the neighborhood was drenched in a soggy layer of wet snow leftover from the night before. No matter that I slipped in a puddle and busted my butt on the concrete, I sensed something divine in the air: the smell, the sounds, the awakening of spring.

Game on, Albuquerque. Let’s see you wow me again this year.

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