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Monhegan Solitude

11 Sep

I’ve been reading the Graphic Canon series edited by Russ Kick. It is an awesome compilation of excerpts of graphic adaptations of classic literature. I enjoy it very much.

I’ve worked my way from the Epic of Gilgamesh to the Popol Vuh (Maya creation story), Greek plays, Shakespeare, Milton… and this rainy, blustery, cold evening I find myself at Keats.

It’s like he visited Monhegan himself. Couldn’t have summed it up better. Thanks to Hunt Emerson for this lovely interpretation.


Mutilate Us « Dave Jordan Art

21 Oct


This is incredible. I have the most talented friends.

Riding the Glow

13 Jul


Lately I’ve been riding my own glow into subspace. Sometimes I forget, but I have an awesome reminder on my ribcage, thanks to last November.

Top five books of the last 365 days in no particular order.

25 Apr

Devil in the White City
Rain of gold
The Lost City of Z

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