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Parks and Wrecks a Haiku

5 Oct

I told a coworker to write a poem on the old typewriter I found. I could see him counting on his fingers and thinking of phrases silently. A normal person would assume he was writing a Haiku.

I got this instead:

"Lindsay in disguise

Grinchy grin always wins

Always use the half rule"


I actually kind of love it.

The Koala

10 Jun

What is left of me
Koala without a tree
Patient is the bear


Morning Cat

18 Dec


Floyd wakes up Lindsay
With kitty love and kisses
But also swear words



11 Dec

Infinitives, yes
As popular as drive thrus
Now you drive past me

A Haiku

10 Dec

My pent up anger

flows like raspberry Snapple

which I really like

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