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A note from the boat

2 Sep

​”It was a grey morning the sun wanted to come out.

Lindsay wasn’t worried about the sun that morning. She had found something she had been searching for, or something she had forgotten about. 

In her warm clammy hands she had found a seal; a seal of approval? 

Things were going to be okay.  

Lindsay had found hope. 

Was it cliche? Was it sad? Was it anger?

It didn’t matter.

The furry little cozy seal let her know that through those clouds the sun would shine so strong it would dry up any tears that would roll down her beautiful face. She could rest her head on a cloud of daydreams and twirl her strawberry blonde hair and remember all the fun and future fun…

…everything is going to be okay.

Love, Mario”


17 Feb

Are you happy?

What kind of a question is that? 

Well, are you?


Well, what do you mean?  Are you happy? With things? In life?

Sometimes. I mean, if I just got a hangnail, or it’s one of those ‘bad nights at the Cow’ or I just caused a traffic accident, then no, not happy. Kittens or champagne or kisses, then yea. It’s a stupid question. Use your words. Be specific. Say what you mean. Or better yet, just shut up. 

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