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Giving Thanks

22 Nov

Each year it gets harder and harder, the listing of all the things I love and for which I am thankful. Not because I haven’t got plenty, but because each year there are more and more wonders. And I am thankful for it all. I’m thankful for the enormity of the love in the world and I’m thankful for being a part of it, and thankful for being a person able to see it. The good and the bad, the dark and the light.

A wonderful exercise- thinking about the good. We spend entirely too much time griping about the bad.

I am thankful for:

Southern ghosts and desert landscapes
Morning glories
Good books
Hot chocolate on cold nights
Astro Zombies
My family
My jobs
My cheesy burger boss
Old friends. and new.
Growing up, and that I was given the chance to be a child once.
The fact that I wasn’t born terribly ordinary or common, even if it meant that I was instead born batshit crazy and odd.
Hot toddies- and whiskey in general
The smell of snow
The color of pink champagne
My bougainvillea
The memories of my travels and the anticipation of those to come. Thankful for getting the hell out of dodge.

Thankful that even though I won’t be home for Thanksgiving I will still be with people I love.

And I am thankful for still possessing the capacity to feel thankful. I’m thankful that life hasn’t broken me yet.


Things to do, places to be

15 Dec

I make a list of ‘prompt words’ each day to remind me to accomplish certain tasks. Here is Dec 13, 2010.

1: whiskey in backpack

2: water

3: brush hair

4. busted shoe

5. lotion

6: weirdo

7: hospital bill

8: house key

9: clean laundry

10: finish history paper

11: Pandora sucks

12: that tap dancer

13: Floyd

14: find the coffee

15: whiskey under bed

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