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21 Oct


This is incredible. I have the most talented friends.



22 Sep

For three years now I have written this blog, pouring all the horrors of my heart and soul out for the world to see. Not anything of much consequence.

Three years ago I was posing naked in my local dive bar.

Three years ago I lived in Edo and worked for UNM.

Three years ago I hated working out and loved wearing heels.

Three years ago I really loved cheeseburgers.

Two years ago I was posing in yoga clothes in Santa Fe.

Two years ago I was living in Edo and working at Holy Cow.

Two years ago I was dying my hair pink on accident in an attempt to save money.

Last year I was donning my hiking boots out in El Morro.

Last year I was living in Midtown and working at Holy Cow and UNM.

Last year I read a lot of non-fiction about serial killers.

This year I am recently back from a bout of restless and fanatic travel with Floyd and the hound dog puppy.

This year I am marginally homeless and working at Holy Cow.

This year I’ve grown out my hair and added a feather to my locks.

Not too much has changed, honestly. Different projects, different boyfriends, different apartments, different random injuries, but the plot remains the same.

Reason enough to shake it up, I say.

Happy Anniversary, Linds!


Take 1

12 Feb

I’ve lately been avoiding writing anything of substance. I’ve been avoiding everything in general I think. But a lot has happened, and it should be addressed. And it all will be addressed in good time. Here’s a summary of the nothingness that no one missed:

First of all, the holidays got me pretty down this year, for one reason or another. Who cares why. But so after New Years I decided to take care of some things.

For example: I have lived in New Mexico for eight years and it has always been a goal of mine to see Carlsbad Caverns National Park. It is the 2nd largest cave in the US, it used to be a coral reef, now it’s like a 30 million year old Flintstones world. So I saw that. It was awesome. (more on the caves to come later)

Then one of my childhood best friends got married. Couldn’t, wouldn’t miss it for the world. She decided her wedding would be in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Fuck yea. So then that happened. Puerto Rico is fabulous. It has since crossed my mind to simply move there. I think I am still happy with that decision. They have bioluminescense down there. (more on the Puerto Rico wedding to come later)

My birthday happened again. This year I am *ahem* 25. That was an ordeal. But then, my birthdays rarely ever go smoothly. I’ll tell y’all all about my 25th birthday someday.

Decided Floyd and me need a puppy in our lives. Well, I decided. We both miss Kiki. We’re both kind of aging these days. We could use with some youth. So we’re in the market for a baby hound :).

I need to stop avoiding my blog updates. I just gotta own it. Plus, a great friend of mine is starting his WordPress at Aarongonzales.net. Everyone should check it out.

And again, as I said, more to come. Just gotta find my words.

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